About Us

Level Up is a nonprofit agency providing mentoring programs for unemployed workers in the Greater Buffalo Area.


Top Level's goal is to foster a commitment to unemployed individuals to enhance their professional skills while promoting job growth.  Moreover, to facilitate the insertion and integration of new comers into New York State’s hosting communities. Thus contributing for a significant decrease in poverty.

Level Up understands that the lack of skills is frequently the reason behind which many healthy work fit individuals are incapable of finding jobs - falling often into destructive habits and into a risk category- for lack of faith in a successful future. 

In order to help these unemployed individuals or any social segment at risk, we have taken upon our selves the responsibility of helping individuals accomplish their goals, by offering them new skills and promoting caring, inclusive learning environments while reinforcing personal and interpersonal respect.


Level UP will focus primarily on unemployed individuals.

It is projected that within three years, 80% of these individuals will be employed and contributing to the hosting communities.

We also have a long-term vision that encompasses Level Up spreading to other areas of NY State, thus reaching out to all those are in need of guidance. 

Level Up will create overtime a learning environment that will be an invaluable resource for job seekers, aspiring mentors and the communities at large.